Professional Doctorate Society Podcast

Professional Doctorate Society Podcast – 17th December 2019
By Eileen O’Neil, Doctoral Student at Glasgow Caledonian University.

An invitation was extended to Grace Poulter and Dr. Keith Halcro to join me in an interview podcast to explore an insider’s view of the Professional Doctorate Programme at Glasgow Caledonian University (GCU).  The following link will take you to the interview with Grace Poulter and Dr. Keith Halcro:

The subject of the questions are highlighted below

1. Role within the university and role within the Professional Doctorate programme
2. The difference between the PhD programme and ProfDoc programme, from a written perspective and from an academic perspective?
3. The areas of fragility within the programme? Where do students struggle with written and academic deliverables?
4. What keeps the student on the programme? What makes then pull out? What support is the offer?
5. The advice given to students who are struggling? Words of wisdom!



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