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At present I am an occasional lecturer at a Glasgow based university lecturing in the department of Law, Economics, Accountancy & Risk.   Prior to this role I worked as a Senior Risk Manager within the financial sector from 2001 – 2017.  In January 2016, I embarked upon a Professional Doctorate (aka ProfDoc) which is a part-time programme and have an ambition to complete my studies by 2020. I am keen to transpose 16 years of industry knowledge and skills into an academic environment.

My areas of interest are Financial Services, the 2008 Banking Crisis and my current thesis topic is Exploring the impact of Repetitive Psychological Contract Breach on employee psychological wellbeing and the moderating role of psychological resilience.   Significant empirical research exists on the 2008 Banking Crisis, most of the evidence focuses on the economy, financial impacts, customer relations and negative behaviours from the bank such as PPI and Libor, shares, shareholders impacts, the role of the media as well as the complexity and failures of regulation and regulatory bodies.

However, research in to how employees working within the financial sector has not yet been documented or addressed.  The outcome of the study aims to provide the financial sector and HR organisations with the underpinning knowledge of cause and effects of repetitive Psychological Contract Breach and the impacts on employee psychological well-being.  I hope to create evidence-based analysis against future strategies to support and mitigate against negative impact and further erosion of employee psychological well-being.