Weigh Up the Risks

The Risk Register has been created to support students undertaking or currently thinking about undertaking a Professional Doctorate (aka Prof Doc).   The Prof Doc is similar to a PhD, with the additional benefit of combining industry/organisational experience through academic development. This course involves studying with a cohort of scholars from across the globe adding to the complexity and diversity of the programme.

The need for a risk register was established by three professional doctorate students, Pat Culhane, Lesley Martin and Eileen O’Neil, who identified 5 top risks associated with this type of learning.

We would encourage all potential or existing students to read our risk register and to consider their own risks measured against personal thresholds.  Through the identification, analysis and control of these risks, a robust contingencies and resilience plan will be created to support successful completion of the programme.

If you require a copy of this Risk Register, please request via the blog and I will be happy to send this on to you.