Teaching Awards 2017 – 2018


Changing career can be a challenge at any time of your life, having skimmed across Thomes (2003), Changing Career paths: from expert to novice.  I began to understand my journey with a little more compassion towards my transformation.  Prior to September 2017, I worked in the private sector within a financial institute for almost 20 years.  During that time I had evolved from novice to subject matter expert.  However, the impact of the financial crisis and my exposure to academia via my Professional Doctorate studies, created within me a need for change and to teach.  Having 20 years of risk management and financial experience provided me with a library of experience to draw upon and create experiential lectures and seminar in order to deliver academic learning to students.  This change in career did not prepare me for the absolute love of the job and of the student interaction.    I have been so inspired by the dedication, motivation, and commitment the students have expressed during the lectures and seminars.

On Friday 18th May, I attended the annual Students’ Association Teaching Awards.  I was overwhelmed to be nominated in two categories, Inspirational Teaching, and Outstanding Student Focused Teaching.  My certificate now hangs above my desk as a daily reminder that I/we as teachers can and do make a difference.  I will continue to evolve from novice and hope that one day I feel a little closer to expert.  However, I will be content to be inspired by our students here at GCU, they have created in me the passion to give 100% commitment to teaching.  Thank you and I look forward to next semester.


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  1. Pat Culhane says:

    Congratulations Eileen! Having had the pleasurse of woking closely with you in an academic context – albeit as a Prof. Doc. colleague – I’m not surprised at your Teaching Awards.

    Formal, public recognition is rare for most people (ever); especially from those you manage/teach/mentor, etc. I’m guessing that when you made the brave transition after so long from the private sector, you would have found it hard to believe what a wonderdul career you are now making in academia as a Doctoral degree candidate and University Lecturer after only one year.

    Even for somebody as cabable, resilient, and motivated as you, this is an outstanding achievement. And I have a feeling that the best is yet to come…


    1. Pat thank you for such encouraging words. Makes all the hours of marking worth while.


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