#ProfDockers Podcast 2nd of May 2018

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Welcome to the first #ProfDockers support session.  The following PowerPoint presentation was delivered by Eileen O’Neil to professional doctoral students – in cohort 11 on the 2nd of May 2018.  The purpose of the presentation was to support students who are about to embark on their Project Design Development and Management (PDDM) module.  I delivered this presentation on my own reflective experience; the question asked of me was “how did the PDDM help ME to develop my thesis”.  The following PowerPoint presentation is the advice I would now give to myself if I was starting this module today.  

Please click on the link below which will open up the PowerPoint and if you wish to listen to the commentary from myself then click on the podcast and follow along.

#ProfDockers – PowerPiont 1 – 02052018

Good luck on your delivery of the PDDM and if you do wish to comment on any elements of this presentation and communication within our #ProfDockers community then don’t forget to end your communication with #ProfDockers.  

I have also shared the slides on SlideShare, https://www.slideshare.net/EileenONeil3 please feel free to click on the link which will take you to the Slideshare network.


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  1. Pat Culhane says:

    Thanks and well done Eileen for putting such an informative podcast together. While the P.D.D. Module is specific to Glasgow Caledonian University Professional Doctorate students, there are numerous useful hints and tips to help students overcome the many challenges posed by engaging in a research process; i.e. shedding old habits and developing new productive ones. It takes courage to be so open and honest about your experiences; especially, how your felt at the various points. I love your piece on not being afraid of/understanding the plethora of, seemingly, impossible to understand academic terminology – we’ve all been (are still?!) there! “Just their way of holding onto power” – hilarious/brilliant. An outstanding feature of your podcast for me is your story of developing your understanding of the research process and becoming a Doctoral research practitioner. Keep up the great work Eileen – INSPIRATIONAL!

    Google #ProfDockers for more resources (articles, podcasts, etc.) of PhD / Professional Doctorate student experiences…

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