Retaining the Balance with Alan Rowan

Alan Rowan
Retaining the Balance with Alan Rowan

Podcast – Retaining the Balance with Alan Rowan

13th March 2018

One of the biggest challenges in life is retaining a balance between Work life, Family commitments, Physical ambitions and personal developments, which come and go at different stages of life.  My blog highlights this challenging terrain and the impacts on the psychological and physical well-being.

Recently I was intruded to Alan Rowan, author of Moonwalker: (2014) and A Mountain before breakfast (2016).  Alan, a semi-retired journalist of over 35 years who took to the hills to find some head space.  His remarkable adventures have inspired many to be more efficient in the use of time, to bend time and respect the time we have.  This podcast is an inspiriting informal chat about his adventures on the hills and his ability to balance psychological and physical well-being.

Alan is now on book three, Mountains of the Moon, This involves being on or around an iconic Scottish mountain on the night of every full moon in 2018, and this year there are 13. So that’s 13 moons and 13 mountains; we will follow his adventures and wish him good luck with the next book.

A keen photographer Alan has captured some truly outstanding photos of Scotland, to learn more about Alan’s remarkable adventures click on the link below.



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