A Quick Visit to GCNYC

Had a quick trip to New York to visit with family and took the opportunity to pop into the new Glasgow Caledonian New York College campus.  I took the E train from Forethills all the way to Canal Street and made good time, just under 50 minutes.  However , once I got off the subway at Canal Street, I took the wrong turn and ended up in the heart of Soho’s busy street markets.  It was a very nice distraction for about 15 minutes before I corrected my direction and made it to Wooster Street.  I was greeted with a very warm New York welcome and had a tour around the campus and hooked up some WiFi to update GCU Learn.  I talked with some of the support staff who are so passionate about bringing Glasgow Caledonian to life in New York.  Back on the subway this time Spring Street to Grand Central as I was attending a meeting in The Yale Club just off Grand Central Station. 


Once inside the Yale Club, I was given to a tour of the Library and then some lunch.  During lunch I talked about my own journey through education and I was inspired by so many great people whose portraits now hang on the walls.  All in all a fantastic trip which has inspired me to continue to embed the ethos of GCU “University for the Common Good” and to share this ethos through my own teaching.  #ProfDockers

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  1. Pat Culhane says:

    Sounds like a lovely trip Eileen.

    Great to get an insight into GCNYC.

    I love New York. It inspires me, especially New York Public Library.


  2. Sounds like a wonderful journey Eileen! Happy to share with you!

    Mary Lavin


    1. Hi Mary, thank you for your response, within my literature review I had used your quote in my literature review as a conversation quote:

      Mary Lavin, Associate Clinical Professor, University of Rhode Island, Lavin (2006) stated psychological resilience as “it’s like being kick to death by a mouse (verbal quote no page number?), but you can’t predict if the horse or the mouse will kick you next.” Nurse practitioners referred to psychological resilience as the difference of being kicked to death by a horse or by a mouse. When kicked by a horse your physical and psychological self will acknowledge it’s been kicked by a horse, albeit you may not live to tell the tale. Conversely being kicked to death by a mouse is less likely to be acknowledged by your physical and psychological self, yet the effects have the potential to create adversity or positive adaptation given dynamic characteristics in the moment of the kick. More recently Ungar (2011) widens the scope of impact from adversity; creating a social ecological approach to resilience, describing resilience as both the physical resources which, support individual well-being and the individual collective ability to negotiate order to be integrated and experienced to make sense of life events.

      I do hope your approve 🙂



  3. Ann Hepburn says:

    Hi Eileen thanks for sharing the start of your exciting adventures . Lovely to follow your journey through New york. Ive never been but your blog took me into your adventure and I imagined your journey with you. Look forward to joining you in this experience over the next couple of years whilst you attain your PHD. Good luck …Ann


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