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Why Blog

The purpose of this blog is to offer a practical insight to anyone considering or undertaking a Professional Doctorate study.  The Professional Doctorate (aka ProfDoc) is a part-time programme normally between 4 -5 years, a long time, I hear you scream. No! … Time will take on a new dimension the instant you commit to this journey.  The ProfDoc offers professionals an alternative route to a traditional PhD.  The programme is designed to develop the skills necessary to conduct research at doctoral level providing you, the student with the ability to transpose personal and organisational knowledge into an academic environment.

Breaking though the Organisational Silos

There is an enormous wealth of industry and organisational knowledge which is confined, shackled to its current location.  The essence of the ProfDoc route is to bring an eclectic mix of professionals from all sectors together and to begin the process of breaking down the differences and drawing out synergies and learnings in an organic and dynamic environment.  The ProfDoc is an excellent platform in which YOU, the subject matter expert can be given a voice, to educate, inform, add value and create empirical evidence which at this time does not exist.

There is no sales pitch here, no how to guide, the purpose and function of this blog is to share a reflective journey together and offer a hitchhiker’s guide to thriving and surviving this epic but highly rewarding experience.

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  1. Nice post Eileen; you are so right about need to break down professional and academic boundaries

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    1. Thank you Lesley, this has been such an introspective activity, learned an enormous amount in such a short period of time.


  2. Pat Culhane says:

    Well done on your first post Eileen – a clear summation of what your blog is about.

    Given your extensive profeasional and academic experience, I’m looking forward to more of yours posts. Keep up the good work!


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